2008 Toronto- nice weather

September 15, 2008

these cannot be seen in HK in recent days, because toronto steals it!


my dirty melody

September 13, 2008

after the trip to toronto, my melody became dirty dirty…
had a nice trip in canada,
attended a memorable wedding of jac & nero’s,
met old friends and new friends.

more photos to come after jetlag.

2008 Toronto- yum yum yum & gathering

September 11, 2008

the hotel offers simple breakfast including: self-making waffle, cereal, toast and fruits & awful coffee.
one must get bored with the waffles for 7-days……

but, do i make it looks more delicious?

thanks TT for bringing us to the nice restaurant,
i just love english breakfast,
mine was smoked salmon benedict…..yummy….yummy

dinner gathering @ the Chan’s
i didn’t realize a family with 8 brothers and sisters can make the house so much fun +joy until i met the Chan’s.

dipping from Tracy: i give it full marks !!!

everything on the tables are from the brothers+sisters of the Chans.
can you count how many are there?

photo time after dinner.

greek dinner @ greektown
many carbs… keke…

nice meeting nancy & eileen again, both of them are my ex-colleagues who start their new life in the states. wish them every success !

2008 Toronto- Africian Lion Safari

September 9, 2008
toronto is not that boring as i thought…….
we visited the “africian lion safari”, which turned out to be a very surprising trip.
brought the no-face bunny to safari with me.
entrance of the zoo, the weather is too good !
i am the one who always not winning babies’ attention,
i don’t know why i was attracted by this baby….
she kept smiling at me for like 5 minutes.
found this napkin very lovely with a chain of elephants.
in the zoo, we found something we expected to see:
prey and predator
and something not expected:
the monkeys are peeling off the plastic thing from wind shield,
we can see the car owner was sooooo ….無奈
these 2 escaped from the fence twice !
the gorgeous one !
these 2 chose their own habitat, & stayed away from us !!!
clever boy !
i felt a bit sad when seeing this tho’. {applause}
look at it’s mouth….. i cannot help laughing,
click to enlarge if you still cannot see it.
this one wins as my wallpaper of this week.

2008 Toronto- Peninsula Winery

September 8, 2008

first time to visit a winery that closed to the niagara falls.

the environment there is just too nice,
fresh air, no noise, clear sky, no pollution.

i love this shot !!! the shadow of the wine glass and the light on table.

and this ! again, the shadow and the background.

cad5 for unlimited wine tasting was way too cool !
the 3 icewine offered there are surperb !
i bought 2 of these.

a group of 18 of us had a joyous moment there.